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    Maria the Goose

    A match of man and goose

    "The honking you hear along Park Avenue in Echo Park isn't coming from motorists.

    It's just Maria the Goose, out for a spin with her friend Dominic Ehrler.

    Ehrler is a retired investor who was befriended by the web-footed waterfowl 10 months ago at Echo Park Lake."

    "These days, Maria greets Ehrler each morning about 8 when he rides his bright red motor scooter down the hill from his Figueroa Terrace condo.

    Then she leads him around the lake ... "

    Much more...

    And, more photos at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lacamod...7625897358608/

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    What a pretty girl! I hope Maria can adjust to the changes coming.

    ETA: I'm enjoying Maria and Dom's videos and pics at the flickr account.

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    That's one smart goose. What a great story. The photos and videos are a lot of fun to watch. Maybe Maria is a reincarnated lover or friend from Dom's past. Or maybe not.

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    Oops! Maria the goose is actually a Mario

    March 3, 2011 | 5:19 pm

    "Maria the Goose, who became a media sensation last month when photographed flying alongside an Echo Park Lake visitorís motor scooter, turns out to be Mario the Gander."

    "Experts at the Los Angeles Zoo made that discovery after city officials arranged to have the graylag fowl relocated there to make way for an upcoming park renovation project, ..."

    more ...

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