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    OK - "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH" Macaully Culkin charged with drug possession

    My heading "aaaaahhhhhhhhhh" is meant to be funny from his younger days.


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    In heels

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    Not sure what yall think about this,
    but I feel really sorry for Mck.
    He hung out with MJ.
    He smokes MaryJane???

    If I were him,
    I would be lucky to not overdose on Heroin. (not that I have ever done this, but,
    I am convinced that there is a reason that all the rockers and the directors make movies and such about this. If anything, they scared the absolute piss outta me about ever even thinking about trying that kinda ****.)
    but anyhoo,
    more power to em.
    he needs all the help he can get.
    lawd knows it aint in hollywoood.
    and it aint from his family.
    and it aint fo sho,
    gonna be from his "friends"
    what a lonely life
    screw whacko jacko.

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