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    Third-Grader Delivers Baby Brother


    When her pregnant niece Kim Tennyson started nesting, Nadine Rogers joked that the baby was going to show up in the wee hours.

    "She was cleaning house and washing and running the vacuum," Rogers told AOL News.

    Tennyson had reported to the hospital more than once in recent days with contractions. Each time, she was told her surges were of the Braxton Hicks (pre-labor) variety.

    "I told her, 'You watch, that baby's going to hit you at 2 in the morning,'" said Rogers, who, although she is Tennyson's aunt, has been called "Grandma" since Tennyson's mother left her at 9 months.

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    What a story...! I found this in the link above - sounds like a precious big brother/son:

    After briefly meeting his new brother Dre-Saun Austin, 7 pounds, 4 ounces, DemRay opened the garage door for the EMTs, woke his little brothers and dressed them for their ride to the hospital with family members.
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    aw, I love when I stumble across these make you smile stories.
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    Me, too, tlcox. What a smart little guy. He keeps his mom calm, assists in delivering the baby following instructions by phone, and THEN gets his siblings dressed and ready to go to the hospital. I'll say he's a hero. Don't know too many dads who could handle all of that.

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