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    2011.02.14: Highway of Tears murder probe asks cabbies for DNA

    VANCOUVER—Taxi drivers in Prince George, B.C., are being pressured to submit a DNA sample to the RCMP in their investigation of the deaths or disappearances of at least 18 women over the last three decades.

    Every cab driver in the city has been told by the RCMP that providing a DNA sample would eliminate them as a suspect or person of interest in the investigation, the Toronto Star has learned.
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    Prince George taxi drivers investigated in slayings

    More than 140 Prince George taxi drivers have been grilled by the RCMP as part of a murder investigation.

    Most have also given blood samples.

    P.G. Taxi Manager, Sam Kuuluvainen, said he was contacted several months ago by police officers investigating the killings of Cynthia Maas and Jill Sturchenko.

    One woman's body was discovered in a Prince George park, the other in a gravel pit.

    Kuuluvainen told CBC News he complied with an RCMP request to hand over the names and phone numbers of all his cab drivers.
    Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-col...#ixzz1EHAuOkNW

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    I wonder if they are just guessing that a cabbie might be involved, or if they have something more substantial. Truck drivers could just as easily cover that much ground, and they are not being asked for DNA. So maybe they have some reason to believe it was a cabbie involved.

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    IIRC, they had reason to think a cabbie was involved in the 2006 death of 14yo Aielah Katherina Saric-Auger.

    I will see what I can find on that...

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    I was thinking trucker might be more likely as well. Wonder what causes them to suspect a cabbie in Ailelah's case. Was she last seen getting into a cab or something?
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