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    Increased focus on hitchhiking

    February 02, 2011

    This new year, the Houston/Granisle RCMP will be taking an increased interest in hitchhikers along the Highway of Tears, detachment commender Sgt. Sean Wadelius cautioned.

    The new focus is one that’s connected to a recommendation by the Highway of Tears symposium, whose recommendations were submitted in 2006. Recommendation number two in the report asks that, “while the RCMP does a commendable job in patrolling the highway, these patrols can no longer drive past a hitchhiker who fits the victim profile.”
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    sometimes i think that if rcmp had some undercover agents along hwy 16 posing as hitchhiking women, they could possibly catch the killer. yet that would probably be asking too much of the rcmp.

    it would be great to make a list of all the names of the missing/deceased and those who have had their killers caught; those still unsolved...

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    So dangerous. My parents made me watch a show about a girl who was hitching here in the states. She was raped, partially dismembered alive and left for dead. She survived. That made a lasting impression on me. I NEVER hitched, never even took rides from friends of friends.

    It seems as if hitching is (or was in the not so distant past) a pretty common thing in the area. Perfect place to pick a victim. Not too difficult to find a place along the route to dump a body. It seems from the geography that there are vast unpopulated or sparsely populated areas. Makes you wonder how many bodies are out there, undiscovered. When you think of the numbers of the missing.

    Does anyone know if it is still a common practice along the highway of tears? Have the psa's reduced the number of hitchhikers?
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    I wonder why, after so many years of women going missing and said to be hitch hiking that women don't take heed and NOT hitch hike at all, but especially in this location.
    Reminds me of the Sea-Tac highway between Seattle and Tacoma, WA where so many females (majority of them prostitutes) have been killed and their bodies found.


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    Finally, a bit of good news!
    By Tanya TalagaStaff Reporter
    Fri., Jan. 27, 2017

    A sign along Hwy. 16 outside Smithers, B.C., warning girls against hitchhiking. So many indigenous women and girls have vanished or turned up dead near the remote roadway that residents call it the Highway of Tears. (RUTH FREMSON / THE NEW YORK TIMES)
    Highway of Tears partial bus service ready to roll
    The new bus service will run six days a week, linking the communities of Smithers and Moricetown, about a 30 km stretch of the nearly 800 km highway. The province is spending $4 million on the entire bus service with the federal government kicking in another $1 million — the money is going toward the buses, driver training, webcams and better shelters.
    Rustad hopes to have a “comprehensive service” in place along the highway by the end of this summer.
    “It is a lot of work that goes into this but we are very close at being able to make additional announcements in the future,” he said.
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