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    Cecilia Anne Nikal, Missing since 1989

    Disappeared in 1989. Age unknown. Was last seen in Smithers near Highway 16.

    Cicilia is a cousin to Highway of Tears victim Delphine Nikal, and is not always included in "official" Highway of Tears lists herself, as LE says she actually went missing from Vancouver.

    Her case remains unsolved.

    Her name is also spelled "Cicilia Anne Nikal" in other sources.

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    Glaim's niece, Cicilia Anne Nikal, had also disappeared a year earlier, and was last seen in Smithers near Highway 16. But her name was not included on the list of 18 because RCMP maintain she was reported missing in Vancouver.

    That scenario was contradicted in the 2006 report that came out of the Highway of Tears Symposium in Prince George. The symposium came about because the case file had reached such a critical mass of numbers that it could no longer be ignored. Police, government and media were forced to take notice. It was in that report that Cicilia Anne's name was included, and that she was "last seen in Smithers near Highway 16."

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    I am so glad to finally see a thread dedicated to the Highway of Tears.......
    I have read a lot of info on it and if it is the same man, and there is a lot of similarities, then Canada has a huge problem there. BUT, the RCMP usually gets their man!

    OT: Is there anything on this part of the forum about the Lewis/ Clark serial who right now is being watched, but snickering and being smug about not having any evidence to catch him? He is in NC, no less.

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    [CENTER]Cecilia Nikal was 15-years-old and new to Vancouver when she vanished. She arrived in the city on Aug. 1, 1989, to visit her mother, but she soon left home to live on the streets. Her mom says she saw her daughter for the last time in October 1989. Another family member reported Cecilia moved to Vancouver Island, but that was never confirmed. Cecilia’s cousin, Delphine Nikal, vanished near Smithers, British Columbia on June 13, 1990.
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