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    SHELLY ANN BACSU, 16, Missing since May 3, 1983

    Shelly-Ann Bacsu, 16, was last seen on May 3, 1983 near Hinton, Alta. She was walking home along Highway 16 and is on the Highway of Tears list.

    Shelly was last seen walking towards her home. Nobody has seen or heard from her since. She has freckles and a small scar on her forehead. She is affected by rheumatoid arthritis and has a hearing impairment.





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    Two years later, on May 3, 1983, 16-year-old Shelly Ann Bacsu vanished near Hinton, Alberta. She was walking west on Highway 16 from her boyfriend's parents' trailer to her home about five kilometres away. It is the only Alberta case on the Highway of Tears list.

    Some of the Grade 9 student's clothing and her school books were found near the Athabasca River, but her body was never recovered.

    Two people reported seeing someone getting into or being pushed into a van, possibly with a B.C. licence plate, on Highway 16 west of Hinton about the time Shelly Ann disappeared.

    The girl's devastated parents, Sandy and Muriel Bacsu, told the Edmonton Journal shortly after her disappearance that "she's our baby and we won't stop looking until we find her."

    Her case remains unsolved.

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    Bumping ..

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    Giving a bump for Shelly. Imo there's a very good reason why she's included in the Highway of Tears... en route.

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    Only 4 replies for this thread? This is one of the most famous missimng person cases in canada and one of the cases that started my interest in missing persons back in the 90's when I first read of it.

    I always wondered about her boyfriend that she just started seeing, was it verified that she left his house and if so was it verified that witnesses saw her getting abducted while walkning home on the highway.

    PS. she is not believed to be a victim of the highway of tears killings.

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    There were supposed witnesses that spotted her walking Westbound, past the town limits of Hinton. She allegedly was approached by a blue van with BC plates. Sadly, her clothing, and schoolbooks were located by the Athabasca River, which would have been past the route she were to take to go home. I had also heard rumors of her clothing containing traces of blood on them, but I cannot recall exact details. I hope the family will get closure before they pass away.
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    Here is something more current.

    The mystery is considered to be part of the Highway of Tears murders and disappearances. At least 18 young women and girls went missing from locations along the Yellowhead highway and its intersecting highways 97 and 5. Thirteen of the cases have been declared homicides, and besides the local disappearance of Shelly-Anne, all of the incidents occurred in British Columbia between 1969 and 2005.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chickadea View Post
    Her disappearance is no longer considered part of the Highway of Tears cases.

    "16 year old grade-nine student Shelly Anne Bacsu was last seen on May 3, 1983. The case is still unsolved but RCMP no longer believe she is part of B.C.’s Highway of Tears Murders."

    source: https://newswire.net/newsroom/financ...rson-case.html
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