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I have a question, and I wasn't really sure where to ask it, so I'm going to try here. CD said that he didn't have a phone, does anyone know for how long he was without a phone? do we know this? The reason why I ask is this....

Connie: My daughter was here, her and and her husband and her, their youngest son, and they were getting ready to leave and go back to Oklahoma, and Clint had called me and asked me if Iíd come over there, and take them to the store, because they didnít have a vehicle, and I said as soon as LaJohnna (phonetic) left, I would go, and (Billie?) left about 1:30, and I went over there, and then I passed by Billieís house, and I didnít see Hailey or anything, or I wouldíve stopped, and I went, and Clint didnít feel good that day.

how did he call her on the Monday if he didn't have a phone?

this is from the bring them home show the other night. It actually caught my attention right away, but with all the porn coming out, I had forgotten about it.
*I got the above from: http://casesignal.wordpress.com/hail...erview-feb-23/

ETA: this was the question Connie was asked: Host: To Connie Ė talk about the day Hailey went missing, and what was going through your mind, and what you were doing that day?
I caught that too and thought maybe he walked over to one of his neighbors. He lived in an apt right? Maybe it was a complex. ??