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View Poll Results: Do you think Amanda Knox is guilty?

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    267 33.93%
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    Nov 2008
    not guilty.

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    Sep 2011
    Not guilty, as in, had nothing at all to do with it. Either of them (let's not forget that there are two defendants on trial).

    The evidence suggesting that Meredith died pretty soon after arriving home is in my opinion compelling, and not called into question by any other evidence. There is no reliable evidence placing either Knox or Sollecito at the scene of the crime.

    (I'm only posting this to see if my avatar and sig line work....)
    Pi still doesn't equal three even if a court rules that it does.

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    Not Guilty...

    In a supposed sex game gone wrong that turned into a murder,
    only 1 person left his DNA, shoeprints, palmprint, and fingerprint in Meredith Kercher's bedroom were she was killed.

    That man is Rudy Guede.,
    who, after Meredith Kercher's brutal killing,
    went dancing at The Domus nightclub,
    before fleeing to Germany a few coupla days later.

    He might have even left a semen stain there too,
    but Italian law enforcement never seems to want to test this...

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    Jan 2011
    not guilty

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    In my own reality...it's nicer here.
    As guilty as Casey Anthony.

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    Aug 2010
    wow. how disturbing to read these posts on the eve of a verdict.

    it is impossible that ak was in any way involved in this crime. zero, zip, zilch.

    but for where the crime took place, she'd never have been charged to start with. wow.

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    Mar 2010
    I do not think Amanda murdered Meredith.

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    Washington State
    I don't believe she is guilty- never have

    What I find interesting in a sad way is that geography really seems to play a part in the guilty/not guilty opinions.
    Hear The Children

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    In the beginning I only read tabloid stuff and thought she seemed guilty. I was like, "I can't follow another case...my plate is full!" and then I started reading and became totally committed to reading everything and concluded that she and Raf are victims of another kind - the story the prosecution made up is a fairy tale with virtually no evidence to back it up. It reminds me of the WM3. BTW I read John Douglas's piece on this case and incidentally I agree with John Douglas on all the cases he mentions. I love it when guilty people are caught and punished to the full extent of the law, but when innocent people have their liberties seized, it's like a punch in the gut.
    Disclaimer: I have a JD, but I am not licensed to practice. Therefore, do not interpret anything contained in my posts as legal advice - they are my personal opinion only.

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    I also absolutely believe the prosecution story is a ridiculous fairy tale.
    However I think Amanda is a strange bird.I could imagine that when she came home that morning she saw the dead Meredith and locked the bedroom door and tried to block it out because she was looking forward to going on the trip with Rafaele.She took a shower and then decided she can't just leave Meredith there.
    I absolutely think Rudy is the only one guilty of murdering Meredith.
    The only thing I think Amanda is guilty of is strange behavior. IMO

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    Apr 2006
    I think she is absolutely not guilty.

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    I never could find good evidence to make a judgment... I looked too when the case was fresh. How can they say it was a sex party unless someone told them that? How can they say anything about the case unless there is some cold hard evidence pointing to that? I never saw anything other than a bunch of blood and a bra strap that moved all over the floor. heard something about a fighter jet crashing into a ski lift full of Italians, the jet was an american I think and nothing was done to him and therefore Italy was mad at America . This happened sometime before the case and affected their attitude towads Americans.

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    I go back and forth on this one...I can't seem to make up my mind for good...still leaning towards the "guilty of something involving the murder and/or cover-up" side, though.
    Sure interested to see how it comes out today!
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    Not guilty, except for odd behavior. And poor Raffaele even more innocent. I felt sorrier for him, really. Glad it's over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalekona View Post
    I don't believe she is guilty- never have

    What I find interesting in a sad way is that geography really seems to play a part in the guilty/not guilty opinions.
    Geography? How's that? Explain a bit more please?

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