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    WA - Kristi Vorak, 13, Tacoma, 31 Oct 1982

    Kristi Lynn Vorak, 13, Missing since October 31, 1982 from Tacoma, WA

    Kristi Lynn Vorak
    Missing since October 31, 1982 from Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington.
    Classification: Endangered Missing

    Vital Statistics

    Date Of Birth: October 21, 1969
    Age at Time of Disappearance: 13 years old
    Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'3; 110 pounds
    Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Brown hair; hazel eyes.
    Marks, Scars: Vorak has a short middle finger on her left hand.
    Other: DNA available.

    Circumstances of Disappearance

    Vorak was last seen in Tacoma, Washington on Halloween, 1982. She has never been heard from again. Vorak did not have a history as a runaway, but she did frequent the streets of Tacoma occasionally.

    Due to this characteristic and Vorak's proximity to the Green River murders in the northwest United States, she was listed as a victim of the serial killer Gary Ridgeway in May 1993.

    If you have any information concerning Vorak's disappearance, please contact:

    Tacoma Police Department

    You may remain anonymous if you wish.

    NCMEC #: NCMC837648

    Source Information:

    The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children
    The Green River Killer Home Page
    Tacoma PD
    The Doe Network: Case File 80DFWA



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    What does Ridgeway have to say about this?

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    As far as I know, he's never confessed to her murder, and she really doesn't fit the pattern.

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    According to Anne Rule's book on the Green River killer, Gary Ridgeway seemed to have trouble recalling all the names and faces of his victims. They didn't seem like real people to him, it appears. It's possible he doesn't even know for certain how many girls he killed. Although Kristi doesn't fit his normal profile, might he have offered her a ride sometime? I'm thinking at least one of his other victims had no ties to prostitution but was known to hitch hike. If Kristi ever accepted a ride from Gary Ridgeway, unfortunately we know what his intentions were.

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    I've read a couple of books about the Green River case and I've read Ridgeway's confessional testimony. From what I've learned about his victims, I really don't think that this MP fits the profile. She just turned 13 when she went missing which is younger than his typical victim. Ridgeway's rage seemed to be triggered by women working in the prostitution industry, so there is no reason to believe that this 13 year-old girl would have ended up being one of his earlier victims IMO.

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    The Doe Network states: "but she did frequent the streets of Tacoma occasionally" What is that supposed to mean? At 5' 3", 110 lbs, she was big for a 7th grader but was really young. Apparently there is no accounting for her activities that halloween night but she was last seen at a Bus Depot in Seattle. That is quite a ways from Tacoma for a girl so young.

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    Closure for one familiy's missing loved one...

    Sheriff's Office identifies another Green River victim


    PS- sorry if this has been posted somewhere else...had difficulty locating an appropriate thread.

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    Bumping for Kristi, still missing after 30 years.

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    I believe that there is a possibility Kristi was murdered by GR, but I am somewhat doubtful over that scenario. I mean was Kristi wearing a costume as it was Halloween when she disappeared? Was she trick or treating? I know Kristi is just a couple of years younger than GR's youngest victims and she was fairly grown, but GR preyed on prostitutes. Not young teen girls running around on Halloween night. Besides, there are cops more on the lookout for trouble on Holidays and I think GR would know he was at more of a risk of getting caught and did he ever go out looking for street workers to prey on during other Holidays? I worry LE has looked in the wrong direction for resolving Kristi's disappearance and the perp is still running around. JMO
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    Bumping. She is still missing after 36 years.

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    Here are the links to NamUs and CHarleyProject:

    On the Charley Project site says: "She did not have a history as a runaway or a record for prostitution, but she did frequent the streets of Tacoma and neighboring areas."

    Not the typical Ridgway victim but... Here it also says that "Her mother believes she may be alive and living in the Seattle area, but investigators believe she is deceased"

    Why does the mother believe she is alive? Is it hope or she knows something?

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    Have there been any interviews by family, friends, etc...?

    I'd like to know more about who she was, what others in her life think she would and wouldn't do. Did she have any tense relationships with family or friends?
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