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THIS bothers me.

And she didn`t have her shirt on, and I told her to get her shirt back on. She was real about taking her shirt off. She was real hot-natured. And I told her to get her shirt on. Her and Bubba (ph) put their shirts on while I was there


And am I the only one really concerned and horrified she was eating green beans for dinner? How much prep is that, open a can, nuke it? Was she eating these because she loved them, or because someone was not spending their money on groceries?
In reference to myself, I'm not concerned or horrified over GGMS saying Haleigh was eating green beans for dinner. Reason being.. I don't believe GGMS saw Haleigh eating anything.. It's all a CROCK
How many times is she going to change her story? Last I heard she claimed she put shirts on them. Now she is telling us she told the kids to put their shirts on.

Papa, we need your "LIES" video to remind us just how their stories have changed...JMHO