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    Quote Originally Posted by ohiogirl View Post
    the reason I brought that up is so many commentors on the msm sites seem to be insisting he is innocent. No one can know yet, no evidence has been presented. jmo. I will see you all back here for the trial.
    I think that's how it should be ... innocent until proven guilty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fran View Post
    LOL, don't get discouraged because the msm's are putting in their of doubt. Believe me, they don't know 1/2 as much as many of us here, who watched this case unfold wayyy back when.

    I've most likely forgotten 1/2 of what they have on Brad. But believe me, this DA does NOT like loosing and would not have arrested this guy if they thought there was even a chance they'd loose. Sure, it could go either way, but my money is on {guilty!}.....

    IMHO, they have the goods on Brad. He thought he was soooo smart, but he's NOT.....time will tell,.............yep! time will tell.


    Hello again!

    I agree with your comments on the media. I have met the DA before, but I don't know much about him other than what I have learned on here, but judging from how long they took to arrest JY, I would tend to agree. I have read the documents on the JY case, and IMO they had enough evidence to convict St. Peter, yet they would not arrest him!

    Given the fact that BC is on trial already, I would think they have a pretty good case on him.

    I think there is going to be a lot of mud in the water. The defense has to throw a lot of confusing things in the minds of the jurors and I think will try to drag NC through the mud too. This might backfire, but allowing the video deposition to be put on WRAL, in all its full glory, was a drastic mistake. The body language alone was horrible on the video. He admitted to some bad things in the marriage, but he came across as arrogant, defensive and evasive. I don't think he is nearly as smart as he thinks he is, or perhaps LE is not as dumb and bumbling as he thinks they are.

    I once read an adage that said if you commit a murder, you will likely remember only 5 of the 50 things that you forgot to cover up. Given the speed of the arrest, and the rapid award of custody to the non-parents and allowing the kids to be removed from the US also speaks volumes to SOMETHING that was presented to the court.


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