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    Portland, OR-7-year-old-choked-by-bullies


    "...one of them eventually grabbing and holding his hands while the other wrapped the jump rope around his neck.

    Derontae said he could not breathe for 15 seconds and couldn’t scream for help. He said he told teachers after it happened and they told the other students to apologize to him. "

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    Ridiculous! Where are the teachers that are supposed to be keeping an eye on recess?? If it is too much for one person to handle, then they need to have two or more on duty recess supervisors. How on earth do two kids get away with strangling another student in broad daylight?

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    between here and there...
    The students were told to apologize.

    That's it????? Why aren't they suspended?
    This is all my opinion, which is subject to change with more information, if the wind changes direction, or if I wake up in a different mood...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeepThinker View Post
    The students were told to apologize.

    That's it????? Why aren't they suspended?
    Suspended is not enoughexpell is more like it and than a fine to the parents.

    I think it time that parents take some responsibilities too. It time we teach our children that bully is not okay.

    This topics always make my blood boils!!!

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    APOLOGIZE AND ALL IS WELL??? I don't think so! I am sorry but I am SICK AND TIRED of all this talk about anti-bully campaigns and yet we see things like this, where there is no follow-up! UGHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh

    -Girl that was bullied all through school because she was shy and no one did anything about it.

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    Not only should the boys be expelled from school, but the parents should be held accountable too.
    My daughter was horribly bullied in her new school when she was 10. After complaining to the teacher, the counselor and the principal, it took me threatening to whip another mom's a*s before it stopped.
    I have absolutely no tolerance for bullies.
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    - Kafka
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    What I type here is mostly my opinion.
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