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    Man in Wheelchair robs Bank

    Cursing because he'd gotten only $200, the bank robber threw his note demanding $1,500 on the floor, rolled out of Pan American Bank in his wheelchair and headed for the Metrorail station.

    A security guard at the station stopped him and called Miami police. They arrested Larry Miller, a homeless man who said in an angry public tirade that he had robbed the bank because he couldn't get the help he needed at the Homeless Assistance Center downtown. ''I am a man of God,'' he said.

    Police said Miller, 42, went into the bank, 2770 SW 27th Ave., across from the Coconut Grove Metrorail station, about 10 a.m. Tuesday.

    Bank President Hugo Castro said when Miller couldn't get through the security doors at the main entrance, an employee held a side door open for him.

    Miller had a small, brown paper bag with an ink-scrawled message -- ''Robbery put the money bag'' -- and a number: 1,500. He first set the note in front of a bank manager, then, realizing there was no cash at her desk, gave it to a teller, said Lt. Bill Schwartz, a police spokesman.

    The teller gave him two $100 bills.


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    just when you think they can't get any stupider...... ..

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    Only in Florida!
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