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    Arrow TX - Unknown missing man, Mt. Calm area, 1874

    1874 missing person-"A Horrible ACCIDENT" {WARNING GRAPHIC ACCOUNT}

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    Well that sounds unpleasant...

    Summary - A man killed a mare near Mt. Calm. The mare had a saddle on it, and from the saddle hung a man's boot, with a white man's leg in it that had been torn from the body at the hip. They searched but were unable to find the body of the man.

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    I can't even begin to imagine what might have done that. You would think if there was some kind of wild animal attack that more of the man would be left or that he would have fallen off completely.

    What about machinery or equipment for farms? I realize it was 1874, but did they have any kind of large, metal devices that might have done this? If the man was a hired farm hand then he might not have been well-known because he could have been passing through looking for work or something like that? I'm totally speculating here, but what a strange find that must have been. Also, why was the mare killed to begin with? I didn't think it was a practice to go around killing horses, especially ones wearing saddles?

    The article was very blurry for me (maybe it didn't load right) so I didn't get a chance to read the actual story, so if I ask anything that was answered, I apologize.

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    Man, that's just weird. I can't come up with an iota of an idea as to what might have happened. Just as weird is not finding the rest of the corpse.

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    Being a horse rider, my guess would be that he fell, got his foot caught in the stirrup and was dragged. At some point he may have got caught (or been dragged for a long time) on a rock or tree etc. and the leg came away.

    However it happened - YUCK!

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    This looks like some kind of Native American torture. Maybe he died bravely in their minds and sent the horse back with the leg to honor him or as a warning. It's not typical for Comanches or Apaches to let a horse get loose. Here's a link that has some other examples of Indian tortures. * THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS DESCRIPTIONS THAT SOME MAY CONSIDER EXTREMELY GRAPHIC *


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    wow! horrible...

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