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    Richard Hatch Headed to Prison

    This couldn't happen to a nicer person... HE HE.

    Wish him a sweet prison term, not a very well liked man esp. since his
    first gig on Celebrity Apprentice.

    Richard Hatch Headed to Prison


    Fair Use
    Learning his IRS lesson the hard way, original 'Survivor' champ Richard Hatch was ordered on Friday to return to prison to serve a nine-month sentence, says the Hollywood Reporter. A judge is punishing Hatch for (still) not paying taxes he allegedly owes on the $1 million prize (plus thousands for additional media appearances) he earned back in 2000 as the very first winner of CBS' hit series.

    Hatch now owes approximately $2 million in taxes and penalties. He has vehemently proclaimed his innocence.

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    well, he might as well go since he owes so much, he'll never be able to pay that off now

    how can he proclaim his innocence? he either paid it or didn't duh

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    It's just crazy he owes more than $2M on an original $1M prize (and how much would the original taxes have been - like $300-$400k max?). What an idiot. The FIRST thing I would have done when I was released from prison the first time would be stop at H&R Block and have my taxes re-filed, which was a condition of his probation.

    He brought 150% of this on his own. He deserves it.

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    What an idiot! What's his reasoning? Sorry but I don't understand the thought processes of someone who wins 1 mil, and wouldn't pay the IRS and now owes double that in taxes. Everyone knows you don't mess around with the IRS!

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    Maybe he enjoyed living in prison...

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    "It sounds like a very tough predicament," Donald Trump tells PEOPLE. "I may ask him if there's anything I can do ... I may get involved and ask him what the he** is going on."
    We have no right to ask when sorrow comes, "Why did this happen to me?" unless we ask the same question for every moment of happiness that comes our way. ~Author Unknown

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    Karma really is a B*T*H!!!!

    I very much doubt Mr. Hatch has figured that out yet!

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