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    WA - Laura Hickey, 25, charged in death of newborn, Centralia, 2 March 2011

    This is a very distrubing story***

    I'm feeling sick to my stomach! I can't even begin to say what I feel.



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    I don't even have words.
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    So sad. The baby was born at 21 weeks. It is rare (but not impossible) for a baby born at 21 weeks to survive outside the womb. Even those that do survive when born so prematurely usually have a host of problems.

    I wonder if she may have tried to induce a miscarriage and instead went into labor. I wonder if she even knew she was giving birth. I have had a miscarriage, and I have given birth and the labor feels alike, imho.

    In any event, if she severed its head, she must not have wanted it.
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    my baby was born at 31 weeks. i didnt even read the article. I dont have the heart especially knowing the baby was a preemie like my son. Preemies are miracle babies.
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    Chopped the infants head off????????????????????????????????

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    That baby defied soo many odds to even been born alive at 21 weeks.... for his/her life to end like that is just sickening....

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    Although his client was found competent by state mental health doctors to stand trial, another expert would have testified her mental state was substantially diminished, for a number of reasons, according to Johnson.

    “In other words, she could not think very clearly,” Johnson said. “It was a horrendous situation, she was in shock,” he said. “She passed out at one point, losing blood. It was a nightmare”

    “She feels very bad about what happened,” he said. “She made that very clear on the record today,” he said.

    It was early on the morning of March 2; neighbors had called 911 after hearing calls for help coming from Hickey’s home at the Peppertree Motor Inn and RV Park on Alder Street, she was taken to the hospital and then police found the deceased male baby in a Tupperware container under the kitchen sink.

    She reportedly told police she used methamphetamine two days before the incident and had been awake since then. The state had previously taken three of her children out of her home.

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    Laura Lynn Hickey, 25, from Centralia, Washington, was arrested at her trailer home after a week-long investigation to determine whether her baby was dead, as she claimed, when it was born.

    The pathologist concluded that the baby, born at 21 weeks, was alive at birth but suffered 'fatal injuries by decapitation'....

    Mr Panco said: 'Our investigations have determined she is the only one involved, and there hasn't been any solid reason from her why this happened.'

    He also revealed Hickey had picked out names and had chosen Caleb Jacob Hickey.

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    February 2012:

    A judge gave Laura Lynn Hickey thirty years in prison today, for what her attorney said his client viewed as a mercy killing after her approximately 21-weeks-along fetus was unexpectedly delivered into a toilet.

    Hickey, 25, admitted she cut off its head with a kitchen knife.

    Lewis County Superior Court Judge Nelson Hunt said the case set a new low, but declined to hand down the 80 year sentence the prosecutor asked for.

    “In my view, the defendant is only a threat to her own children, and her release will be past her further ability to bear children,” Hunt said.

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