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    GA - Edna Figueroa, 3, shaken to death, Conyers, 5 March 2011

    Oh my:

    Police said Solis admitted to shaking the 3-year-old while she was misbehaving. The mother was also charged for cruelty to children for failing to supervise her children!!

    What is wrong with these woman?? Why do they keep letting this happen over and over?



    RIP little angel Edna, Oh how I wish you had the mother you deserved!

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    I cannot even imagine how violently you would have to shake a 3-yr-old to kill her.

    RIP, sweet child.
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    Quote Originally Posted by belimom View Post
    I cannot even imagine how violently you would have to shake a 3-yr-old to kill her.

    RIP, sweet child.
    Beli, thats exactly what I was thinking. I have a 3 yr old baby, and he is small for his age. he weighs 35 lbs. I cant imagine..... Sweet baby girl, you did not deserve this. Your mama should have cuddled you and cherished you. Kissed you goodnight and played "this little piggy". 3 yr olds are challenging, but everyday is a whole new adveture for them. Be at peace little one, I know you are loved and some angel will tuck you safely in your heavenly bed.

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    Edna is such an adorable little girl. How could someone shake this cutie?

    A photograph of Edna smiling and playing. The article sheds light on abuse and about women leaving their children in the care of boyfriends.


    RIP sweet Edna.

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    From March 2012:


    Raul Solis, 21, pled guilty to felony murder and cruelty to children in the first degree for the March 2011 death of Edna Figueroa...

    Rockdale County Superior Court Judge David Irwin sentenced Solis to life in prison, with the possibilty of parole after 30 years...

    Edna woke up Solis, who had worked all night, by throwng something at him. Solis later admitted to shaking her, said Sullivan. Solis and Alvarez later found Edna lying in her room unresponsive. She was taken to Rockdale Medical and then Egleston, where she was found to have extensive hemorrhaging in the brain and difficulty breathing. She was determined to be brain dead and taken off life support a day later.

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