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    PA - Bedford Couple Accused Of Child Torture

    A Bedford couple has been accused of injuring a 6-year-old girl in what the District Attorney's Office and Bedford County Children and Youth describe as the worst case of physical child abuse their agencies have ever seen.

    The victim's sister also told police that Loshaw would make the 6-year-old drink hot sauce to the point she would vomit and that he would drag her around the house by her hair.

    OMG! What a sick horrible man, and the mother to stand by and do NOTHING!


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    and that the abuse was discovered by a "visitor" even tho the victims mother was present for the abuse... grrrrr ... " hang 'em high" i know this question gets asked repeatedly here but, why why why would/could a mother allow much less witness some man abuse her child??? sickening. i have a bigger problem with the "mother" - yeah, the guy should go to jail where he belongs, but HER? she deserves more. jmho

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    Somebody should smack him and "mom" in the head with those bags of heavy cans they made this baby hold while standing on one foot on a cooler.

    Look at the profile picture on this guy's FB. I mean come on.


    Mommy is a peach. I guess being able to say you're in a "relationship" ranks even though the POS hurts your kids.

    She's under his friends on FB.

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