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    WA - Caleta White, 18, Auburn, 28 Aug 2006

    Caleta Sade White

    Endangered Missing -- Missing Since: August 28, 2006

    Missing From: Auburn, Washington

    Height: 5'1" -- Weight: 83 lbs -- Hair Color: Black -- Eye Color: Brown

    Caleta was last seen in the afternoon of August 28, 2006 on a bus. She is believed to have been on the way to her boyfriend's residence in Tukwila, Washington. She has never been heard from again, and there has been no activity on her cell phone.

    Caleta's boyfriend has a criminal history and has given inconsistent statements to police. He is not considered a suspect, and her case remains unsolved.


    Charley Project

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    Auburn Police asking for information about woman's 2006 disappearance

    Police investigating the 2006 disappearance of an Auburn woman are asking for information from the public.

    The family of Caleta S. White is also asking for help in locating her.

    More: http://www.king5.com/news/Auburn-Pol...118103434.html

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    Auburn police need help in finding Caleta

    The Auburn Police Department and the family of Caleta S. White are asking for the public's help in locating their missing daughter.

    Caleta was 18 years of age when she was last seen by her mother on Aug. 21, 2006.

    She gave me a kiss and a hug and told me, Ill see you, Mom. I love you. Ill call you, said the mother, Rhonda White.

    Caleta never called. She will be turning 23 years of age on Saturday.

    More: http://www.pnwlocalnews.com/south_ki...118120739.html

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    Missing 5 years today.

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    BUMPING for Caleta, missing 6 years.

    Caleta Missing White - https://www.facebook.com/caleta.white

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    Caleta has a post in our Flyer Distribution forum. Check it out. Please print and post if you're in the area.

    WA Poster: MISSING - Caleta White - Washington - 2006 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community
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    Caleta White is featured at the 42 second mark.

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    Why is her boyfriend not considered a suspect when he gave inconsistent statements? That's a huge red flag to me. Did I miss something? She's around the same age as me and from the same state so I find this case particularly sad.

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    The "boyfriend" was her pimp (see http://q13fox.com/2014/07/12/tukwila...s-still-alive/). To me this means one of three things; firstly, he may have killed her. The only thing against this is that a pimp will not kill an asset (unless by mistake). Secondly, he may have trafficked her on. Thirdly, she may have done a runner to get away from him (but the absence of phone use or any other trace suggests not). All this says to me that he is a very definite suspect (either as an offender or as a witness, knowing what happened (such as her being a victim of another pimp). The best thing LE could do would be to recruit one of his current girls and look for info through his network. Offer whatever is needed to get someone to speak.

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