"In what appear to be thousands of cases throughout Spain, individual doctors and nurses - many of the latter nuns - took newborns from obstetric wards and sold them to prospective adopted parents. That's the claim by victims who, in many cases, can support their theory with death certificates that have clearly been falsified or cemetery documents that contradict what parents were told at the supposed time of death."


This article details two phases of baby/children stealing that has apparently occured in Spain in the 20TH Century. The first was state sponsored-Franco took the small children of dissidents and reassigned them to families that supported him for the purposes of "retraining." The children's names were changed and those who could remember their parents were told that their parents were murderers, so the children never sought their bio parents out. This practice died out in the late 1940's.

The next phase involved hospital personnel claiming that newborns had died suspicious deaths and were buried in mass graves. In fact, the children were sold to other families for upwards of 8K.

The horror of this is almost to big for me to process.

I have heard other stories like this in the US, but typically it involved social workers who took children/toddlers/babies from unwed mothers and sold them to families. I cannot imagine a child being stolen from their parents loving arms at all. But can you imagine the tremendous joy of giving birth to a healthy beautiful child only to have it taken and SOLD to someone else?