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    IL - Sheriff: More human bones scattered at Chicago cemetery

    CHICAGO An area of a suburban Chicago cemetery is so saturated with human remains that bones have been rising to the ground's surface, and workers may have discarded the remains of some 200 more people than initially thought as part of an alleged scheme to resell burial plots, a sheriff said Monday.


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    Ya know, there's a cemetery here where I live that I worry may start seeing the same phenomenon. It used to be huge, it was the city cemetery, used for paupers and prisoners, and then they decided to put the interstate in and sell part of the property. They moved hundreds of corpses, sometimes putting three or four or more bodies in the same grave. From records kept at the time, they opened family vaults and just loaded them up. (The ones they didn't get are now under the freeway, dairy and fairly upscale downtown hotel.)

    This was the second time that they had used this trick at that cemetery, and now, with it being so close to the river, and damp all the time they are seeing erosion issues at the back of the cemetery. I think it might only be a matter of time before this happens here. Thanks for posting this, as I'm sure when it does happen, our city leaders will also suspect that there is something is fishy going on. Which there will be, but it would only the fallout from the fishiness of years ago.
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    Thanks, DK. Having had a close family friend whose remains were desecrated at the Walker county crematorium here in Georgia a few years ago, I can personally tell you how sad and horrifying this is to the family and friends of those buried here. It's like a nightmare that one cannot wake up from. On the one hand, you need to know for sure what happened to your loved one and on the other it sickens you to think that your loved one could be anywhere except where they should be. In our case my friend died a very early and shocking death and was supposed to have been cremated, then buried in his mother's grave (I had never heard of this, but to each his own). A couple of years later the family was contacted and told that it may not be their loved one buried there and would they please give permission for his remains to be disinterred for testing? They refused. They had rather believe it was him buried there than to not be sure where he was. Turned out when dna testing was finished that he was indeed lying in one of those sheds at the crematorium. There is no describing the feeling and my heart goes out to each of these families. May God bless each of these poor souls and their families. It's way past time these evil people paid for their crimes. It makes one wonder if someone in a prominent place knew this was going on and is protecting these criminals. God help them as well.
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