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    State trooper issues a 205 mph ticket

    HOW is this guy NOT dead? YET!


    Only a handful of exotic sports cars can reach 200 mph, but many high-performance motorcycles can top 175 mph. With minor modifications, they can hit 200 mph. Tilley was riding a Honda 1000, Loney said.

    Kathy Swanson of the state Office of Traffic Safety said unless Tilley was wearing the kind of protective gear professional motorcycle racers wear, he was courting death at 200 mph.

    "I'm not entirely sure what would happen if you crashed at 200 miles per hour," Swanson said. "But it wouldn't be pretty, that's for sure."

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    We had a guy in our neighborhood earlier this week killed on a motorcycle. He was described by neighbors as having been picked up in pieces. I didn't see anything but skid marks on the pavement and a few suspicious dark stains. I can't imagine he was going more than 50 or 60 (just can't get up to speeds higher than that here, too curvy) What would happen to someone at 200mph?

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