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    Woman sells husband's grave

    A Romanian woman has upset her dead husband's family by digging up his body and selling the grave.

    It's reported that the woman from Cristesti, Mures county, said she needed money.

    But in order to sell the plot the woman had to remove her husband's remains. It's believed she dumped them close to the cemetery.

    She told Adevarul newspaper: "Did I do anything wrong? Was that a crime? I don't think so. I only dug him out and sold the grave because he was my husband - mine. I lived with him for 20 years and not his family."

    The man's relatives recovered the remains and said they intend to re-inter them in a different cemetery.


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    DUG UP HIS BODY? I mean selling a grave that's empty, ok but this?

    this reminds me of an ad I found on the internet. never knew whether it was real or a joke.

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