The State College Police Department said yesterday that Penn State cheerleaders were possibly involved in an assault Friday afternoon.

The assault was reported at about 3:30 p.m. at the Student Book Store, 330 E. College Ave.

State College police reported that a woman walking through the area of the Student Book Store had refused the complimentary stickers the Penn State cheerleaders were passing out to those walking by the store.

Police said that upon leaving the store, the woman exited through a door farther away from the squad to avoid it. A group of people dressed in Penn State cheerleading uniforms then approached her and covered her with about 20 stickers, despite her protests, police said.

At some point during the altercation, the victim said she was struck by one of the people in the group.

Calls to cheerleading coach Curtis White were not returned, however, assistant athletic director Bob Krimmel said the information had been brought to the attention of the athletic department and they were investigating it internally.

"Depending on what is discovered on our end and on the police's end, we'll take the appropriate action," Krimmel said. "Right now we're still trying to find out all the details surrounding the situation."

Krimmel added that he had no reason to suspect anyone in particular for involvement in the assault.

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