What on earth is it with music teachers right now? So, More essentially gets 12 years? And he most certainly did NOT have sexual relationships with students. Children cannot consent. Please join me in writing to this reporter to correct this miscue.


Music teacher pleads guilty to sexual abuse of minors

"A local music teacher pleaded guilty Friday to charges he had sexual relationships with students at West High School and Romig Middle School starting in 2009.

Christopher More, 29, admitted to two counts of second-degree sexual abuse of a minor. The plea deal he accepted recommends 25 years in prison, with 13 years suspended. More also agreed to a lifetime revocation of his teaching certificate..."


"....[Detective Jade] Baker said the media attention paid to More's case -- which included three television cameras for his brief change of plea hearing Friday -- was well warranted.

"I have no tolerance for a dirty teacher, a dirty preacher or a dirty cop," Baker said. "I would say that it's appropriate he's getting that attention."

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I'd have to agree with Det. Baker.