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    CYS Takes Newborn After Mother Eats Poppy Seed Bagel

    Mod, not sure where to put this but I linked it in one of my other threads. Please feel free to move.

    A young mother had her 3 day old daughter taken from her based on a false positive drug test done prior to delivery. The ACLU is now involved and CYS and the hospital are being sued.


    The PDF of the complaint is especially interesting to read:


    CYS basically did no investigation before jumping the gun and seizing the infant. They stated she had no pre-natal care, which she did, and was drug tested twice during her pregnancy. The baby tested negative.

    I hope they win a bundle!

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    Me too...seems they jumped the gun here..with all the negative attention CPS has gotten lately, the appear to be gun shy...take first, ask questions later...wrong, wrong...I too hope they sue and win a bundle...it would be well deserved...

    Also watch out for mountain dew...comes back false positive for cocaine..JMHO

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    oh my , I feel for the young mother, how stressing and scary for her..

    I can kinda relate tho...

    Many moons ago, I was in the hospital giving birth to my son.
    I had a c section( which I stayed awake for)

    the day after my son was born, the nursery nurse rolled him into my room. I got up to change his diaper and noticed a plastic bag taped around his genitals to collcet urine.

    I asked the nurse why it was there and the nurse told me that they had found a drug in his system? ( they were trying to collect another urine sample)I was floored and told the nurse that I dont do drugs and there has to be a mistake..the nurse was rude to me and hateful and I cried and cried, was so upset. they treated me like chit..

    the next day, I had found out that the hospital, the doctors, had given me the drug before my c section, right before my surgery and that was the drug that showed up in my son..

    no apologies were given to me by the staff or by the hospital..

    I never sued tho...now in hindsight, I wish I would have..

    eta, I can understand how that young mother must have felt
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    I feel sooo bad for her, I really do... but over on the crimes against children's thread/forum a lot of us ask.. why did they wait until something bad happened to do something?

    While I NEVER EVER believe CPS should just go around willy nilly taking babies/children form people.. I'm glad to see them taking a pos. result seriously instead of waiting till a year or two down the road and the child has lived in squalor is malnourished and mom is high on weed, meth, or coke.

    MOO and all that good stuff

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