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    Man dies trying to revive dead wife


    A Washington state man who called 911 to report that his wife had collapsed apparently suffered a heart attack and died as he was trying to revive her. The Clallam County Sheriff's Office said when deputies and medics arrived at the home eight minutes later they found the man slumped over her body. He apparently had been attempting CPR.

    Both died. He was 60. She was 59.

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    Sad at least they went together

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    Quote Originally Posted by peeples View Post
    Sad at least they went together
    I believe that's how they wanted it, but it's strange they both died of heart attacks so young.

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    How sad. The poor man must have been so distraught that it just put too much pressure on his heart.

    Well he died a hero trying to save her. I am sure he had been her protector all of their married life.

    At least now neither one will have to go through the long heartbreak and loneliness like they would have if one of them had died years before the other one.

    Bless them both.
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    Oh bless, was a sad and tragic love story.


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