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View Poll Results: KC modeling "co-counsel" Good defense move or bad move?

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    Casey as "co-counsel" ...good strategy or no?

    It's all over the internet, discussions about KC sorting and organizing her own legal files, looking at the computer screen, "conferring" with all defense attorneys, scribbling away like a rabid stenographer, and in general looking and acting for all the world as if she is employed by the defense.

    One InSession pundit (I believe) opined about how this was GOOD, that it makes KC look very engaged and aware. Most forum discussions, however, seem to be negative about her new "position".

    What is your opinion? Is it a good idea or a bad idea for KC to literally authentically BE part her defense team?
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    No way! It makes her look cold and uncaring.

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    I voted bad because I think it makes Casey look more detached. One of the only times Casey looked up during the early March hearings was when George was being asked those torturous questions. She wanted to watch her dad suffer and I believe it made her look extremely cold and cruel.

    It is a good thing to keep her busy though. Although they are not able to fully control Casey's behavior, I can only imagine what Casey would be like if she was not kept busy. We've seen a couple of times where she shakes her head in disgust and she even tries to get JB's attention by grabbing at him and slightly smacking him.

    Whatever... Casey still can not show the proper emotions at the right time. To have no reaction whatsoever, especially if she were an innocent mother of a murdered child, when they are talking about the decomposing body of your child is very telling. She could care less! And this is a very bad thing for Casey... a good thing for Caylee!

    Justice for Caylee!

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    I think it is a bad idea. She sits there writing, writing, writing and writing some more for hours on end....it just makes her look psychotic. No one else is scribbling their pencils to nubs. Not on the prosecution side and not on the defense side. It's idiotic but if she wasn't doing this she would be bald from stroking her hair repeatedly, so I don't know which is better or worse. JMO.
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    I'm hoping someone will post a side by side photo, Couey with his crayons and Casey with her Bic. Then ask the defense if they think this is a smart move.

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    I voted other because I think its a great idea if the defense wants to make sure she is convicted. It makes her look odd for lack of a better word.
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    With her being so involved, I think they won't be able to claim ineffectiveness of council or that she didn't know what Jose Baez and her defense team were up to, or was unhappy with him!
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    My guess is the DT has her doing this to keep her busy so she's not making as many facial expressions, OCD grooming, etc. It works, to a certain degree, but they can do nothing about the subconscious 'tells' she had, the most glaring of which (to me) is her constant fussing with her hands. (Out damned spot! Out, I say!) Either that, or her new 'paralegal' role is going to be part of the new mental health tactic...."after all, just LOOK at how detached she is!"

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    It's one thing if you can manage to make your client seem interested and engaged in the proceedings. To make it seem like they are taking things seriously and doing everything possible to assist in their own defense.

    But that's not what is happening here. There is a subtle line between engaged and what KC is doing when we see her. It is rather clearly a behavior to simply disengage her further from her crimes. It comes across as cold and manipulative. It makes the lay people wonder who is running the show. It will hurt her in the end. (although granted it is still probably better than her simply sitting there and giving the jury her cold sociopath stare.)

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    Who does she think she's kidding?

    To me it seems as if she is pretending... scribble, scribble...refer to tabbed page, look up important information, scribble some more... it reminded me of the days in middle school when you KNEW someone was watching you so you pretended to be totally absorbed in what you were doing; but really you were just going through the motions and writing down jibberish.

    I really hope the jury sees right through it.

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    In my opinion it is a horrible strategy, even if they are doing it to keep her occupied. The jury will HATE her - watching her scribble about the what she perceives to be the technical points of her defense all the while showing absolutely no emotion about her dead daughter. It will drive home to the jury that she could care less about Caylee. JMO.

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    I watched KC sorting through the large file on the K9 and his handler, she was underlining passages and writing supposed salient points of dispute. Somehow that is very chilling, trying to get ones self off on a technicality/point of law when one has been indicted for murdering ones own child.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stilettos View Post
    I think another poster said it well...the jury will think she is bat***** crazy...another role for ICA.
    Considering what a blithering [unusual person] she has been, I am amazed that she can write anything down. It is simply to keep her occupied. The defense, and correctly so, is afraid of her "antics" in that she may smile when she should not, etc. The letters were a shock I am sure. I did notice she had quite a long conversation with the paralegals at the 911 hearings as if she were at a meeting at work and had some free time to talk.

    She is soooooooooooooooooooo stupid that I am positive it is to keep her busy - they have enough to worry about in that they have nothing to defend her with.

    Anyone who spends almost every waking hour at Walmart spending stolen money is lacking in the brain department.
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    I think everyone is right. i.e. It may be good and bad. 12 different jurors=possibly 12 different opinions. If I were a juror I would find it more appalling what she Isn't doing. i.e. Acting like an innocent mother who has lost her baby. MOO

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    let me put it this way.

    If I was accused of murdering my baby girl, and I hadn't done it, I would sit at that table and be beside myself with sadness while my lawyers worked on my case.

    now, if I was cold-hearted and GUILTY, I would be trying to find any piece of info I could that would get me off on a technicality. write write write, shuffle shuffle shuffle.

    methinks KC is doing the latter.

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