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    South Africa - Four men killed in Durban axe attacks, March 2011

    This man hacked up 3 people to avenge the gang rape of his daughter:

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    Nothing in the article about his daughter - I hope she is safe and the other rapist(s), possibly including the survivor they mention, are brought to justice. Sickening all around.

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    Well, the case of Joseph Ntshongwana, the vengeful father and ex-South Africa rugby player who beheaded one of his daughter's rapists and killed two others with an axe, takes a bit of a horrifying turn today. According to The Australian, the rape of his daughter didn't happen -- and, well, he doesn't even appear to have a daughter. That's right. This triple murder was no revenge and he is no father.
    After Ntshongwana's court appearance and an outpouring of public sympathy for his plight, police announced that no rape was being investigated as a result of Ntshongwana's crimes -- that they can't even confirm the man has a daughter. Vincent Mdunge, a police spokesman, said:
    His pic is here:



    Ntshongwana, who also appeared for the Springbok’s under-21 team, told police that he carried out the savage attacks in reprisal for an attack on his daughter, who he insisted was infected with HIV after being gang-raped. This claim was refuted by the police however, who said that Ntshongwana does not have a daughter.

    JP Broster, defending Ntshongwana, told the court that his client was mentally unfit to stand trial, and he would be making an application under the Criminal Procedure Act, Section 77 to have him legally declared so. Broster said that he believes the rugby ace to be suffering from bipolar disorder.
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    Once again, we have a man who is suffering from some sort of psychosis who uses an axe to kill or maim. I have every reason to believe that this man will be diagnosed with something far more serious that bipolar disorder.

    If you do an archive search on WS for the words ax or axe (both are correct spellings), you'll find a number of threads involving psychotic young men. I'm curious about the fact that he's an athlete. Could he have been using painkillers (including high grade medical cannabis) due to injuries or steroids. Is there evidence that he's been taking hallucinogenic mushrooms? All those factors seem to be totally contraindicated for those with underlying psychosis. Even suddenly stopping those drugs can trigger an episode such as this.

    My prayers go out to the families affected. This is really tragic and I have to wonder if the man even has a memory of the events.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reen View Post
    Nothing in the article about his daughter - I hope she is safe and the other rapist(s), possibly including the survivor they mention, are brought to justice. Sickening all around.
    Police can't even confirm that he has a daughter. Anyhow, the murdered men appear to be simply random victims, and not rapists at all.
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    From December 2014:


    Former Blue Bulls player and convicted axe murderer Phindile Joseph Ntshongwana was sentenced to five terms of life imprisonment in the Durban High Court on Friday.

    Judge Irfaan Khalil sentenced him to five life terms for four murders and a rape. He was also sentenced to four years for each of two attempted murders, two years for assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, and four years for kidnapping.

    Ntshongwana killed Thembelenkosini Cebekhulu in Montclair, Durban, on March 20, 2011, Paulos Hlongwa in Lamontville two days later, Simon Ngidi in Umbilo the following day, and an unidentified man in Yellowwood Park some time that week. All were hacked to death with an axe. Two of the victims were beheaded.

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