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    NC - Man Accused Of Offering Child $5 For Sexual Favor


    Kevin McBride is accused of offering the child $5 to touch her inappropriately. According to arrest warrants, the girl refused the money and McBride then sexually assaulted her.

    McBride's warrant includes a criminal record from Pennsylvania. Channel 9 dug into his background and discovered charges of rape, statutory sex offense, indecent assault and sexual assault. He has been charged with a total of nine sex offenses and convicted of two of them.

    Even with all the above, he was never made to register as a sex offender!!!

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    That's a disgrace!!!

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    He lives smack dab across the street from the police station.

    O.K. now I have to find out where he came from in Pennsy and what the deal is with him not having to register.

    Sadly once again we are reminded not all sex offenders are on a registry. Parents have to be aware of that.

    $5 bucks. Unfre*k*nbelievable. A child.

    Wow. How this unfolded. The father of the child went to "speak" to McBride about what had happened earlier that day. An argument ensued and someone called the cops. Once there the cop learned of the assault on the child.

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