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    I'm not sure TBH, my doubt filled speculation is that maybe her skull wasn't included in what was found. There was at least 3 skulls found on that stretch of road who's torso's were found years earlier and dozens of miles away so there was some scattering that took place with some of the others. The description in articles of what was found of the Mom was a little vague also so that's where the speculation comes from. Having said that I don't know why this would preclude them from putting her in Namus. The child was found in suffolk county and the relative found just down the road in nassau co. There's very few listings for nassau in Namus.

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    The skull belonging to the mother of the toddler was found in 2011, but had died prior to April 20, 1996.

    <<<Modnote>>> This has turned out to be incorrect. The Fire Island Jane Doe is Victim #10. The mother of the child is victim #9

    Body of toddler’s mother discovered

    One week later, on April 11, 2011, another unidentified victim was found by a cadaver dog near Jones Beach. Only a skull was found but was quickly linked (via DNA) to a pair of legs, wrapped in plastic, that had washed up on the Blue Point Beach section of Fire Island (in Davis Park, New York) on April 20, 1996, nearly 15 years earlier (Fire Island is on the same stretch of road as the other locations but about 45 minutes away). Police noted that the victim’s jewelry matched that of the toddler found a week earlier. DNA analysis proved what they had suspected – the victim was the mother of the toddler. Eleven days later police would find two teeth, about 12 inches from the location of the skull, that also belonged to this victim. That it took police nearly two weeks to find additional remains so near the skull is one reason many people question the competency of the law enforcement officials in this investigation.

    Since she was the mother, and the child was no older than four years old, the toddler had to have died at or around the same time as the mother.
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    There's some inaccuracies in that link Carl at least as far as I remember. Wikipedia seems to have it right, it list the Mother as JD#3 and the 96 JD as #7.


    Here's the 96 fire island JD namus page.


    It's unknown how many are responsible and with the number of victims, the different parts here and there and with 14 years between the first victim and the last, it makes for a hard case to keep up with.

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    So this is Long Island Mom:

    <<<ModNote>>> This is not the mother of the toddler, this is "Fire Island Jane Doe"
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    That's the JD whose legs washed up on Fire island in 1996 and whose skull was found on Ocean Pkwy. in Nassau county in 2011. The other JD that was found the same day and further west along the Pkwy. is the Mother of the child found. There is no sketch for the Mother.

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    I can clarify this for you. Jane doe namus 9098. Her skull was found. When they did DNA on her skull. Her DNA linked to a pair of legs found on Fire Island in 1996. The DNA link Mother to the toddler is a separate from her remains. The mother's remains that was found was only the torso without skull. This would be the reason behind why there is not a sketch for the UID mother. I hope this clears up any confusion.
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