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    NY - Rochester man accused of sexually abusing, tattooing boy

    Poor little guy

    Eventually, according to the DA's office, the boy told his sister about the sex abuse. She went to their mother. The mother found the tattoo when a teacher discovered it.

    Assistant District Attorney Kyle Rossi says when the mother confronted Moore he grabbed his tattoo equipment (which was in the house) and fled to New Mexico.

    That was in July, 2010.

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    What a vile man. Little nine year old boys NEVER forget that threat of death. They can heal and move on but that threat somehow always stays there, in the back of their mind. I'm very pleased that a tattoo artist has stepped up and offered to remove the tattoo. That's a great step in the right direction. This little guy has a number of people working hard to help him...his sister and mom, the teacher, the tattoo artist willing to take off the tattoo. Hopefully, he's in some heavy duty therapy too.

    So this guy grabbed his tattoo paraphernalia when the mother confronted him, did he? I guess that's how he lured kids. Must have been very important to him.


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    This poor kid. Thankfully tattoo artists are going to help him by removing the ink. Of course he'll have to suffer more pain asthat's painful.

    This guy is a transient. Hmmmmmmmm now how many more kids out there have the permanent scars visible and invisible to others?

    Mind you I can't link, but I found an ad on a Craigs List thingie where someone asked does anyone know this guy? Same name. Close by. The person who asked said he's afraid of the nut job and will quit if they don't get rid of him.

    Scary and very intense looking maniac.

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    The man accused of sexually abusing and tattooing a young boy was sentenced to prison time Tuesday.

    Arthur Moore received three years in prison and 10 years probation. Prosecutors say Moore sexually abused a nine-year-old boy and tattooed his shoulder. Moore allgedly threatened to kill the boy if he told anyone. The victim tried to hide the tattoo because he was afraid.

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