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    Rare Pictures: Crocodile Attacks Elephant

    A routine trip to the water hole recently resulted in a life-or-death struggle for a pair of African elephants when they were ambushed by a hungry Nile crocodile


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    I hope the elephant and the baby are ok.. if the mom dies the little one will die as well

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    I agree, peeples. The link seems a little glib in talking about a "happy ending" for the elephants. Unless there's a vet on hand with antibiotics, I wouldn't make any assumptions about their ultimate fate.

    (BTW, orphaned elephants have been known to be adopted by an aunt. It depends on how plentiful the foot supply is and whether the aunt has enough milk to feed her own calf plus the orphan.)

    But the few comments are as interesting as the photos.

    On the one hand, I agree with the complaints that whoever posted the shots covered up the bloody, damaged trunk in the last picture using Photoshop.

    On the other hand, I have to laugh at the tributes to the baby elephant's "courage." Adult elephants certainly do defend one another and the young, but I doubt a baby that age would be able to figure out how to take on a crocodile. I agree with the caption writer: the baby tripped over the croc in the confusion.

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