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View Poll Results: Should Joyce Meyer be required to testify in person?

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  • No, I trust the judge's reasons

    11 15.94%
  • Yes, she should testify in person just like anyone else

    54 78.26%
  • I don't know

    3 4.35%
  • Other: please explain

    1 1.45%

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    Quote Originally Posted by ynotdivein View Post
    TL having to fly up and miss a day or two of work probably didn't affect too many lives. There was someone to cover her shift at wherever she's working now. However, JMM had scheduled a conference in Hampton VA for April 28 -30. There were perhaps hundreds of people waiting to see her this weekend.

    Now, I did go look up JM's schedule, and apparently this conference is free to attend. http://www.joycemeyer.org/events/Gen...nt=hampton2011 So it's not as if JMM would have had to refund hundreds of people's money.
    From memory this is probably not a few hundred people but a few thousand, people would have booked hotels and come from out of town to see her, facilities booked and paid for, catering etc etc. Loads of advertising spent.
    It's free but it's not really free, the entry ticket costs to put on the conference would be covered by offering and product sales. I'll bet the conference makes huge $$$$ and would be a financial loss to cancel it.

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    Well, I have another scripture for Ms. Meyer "And I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven."

    LOVE THAT!!! I used to have to drive by her big mansion in one of the richest parts of south St. Louis county everyday on my way to work. Huge chandelier in the foyer that was always lit up and the fence with the big electronic gate must have cost thousands! She is such a hypocrite!! Why doesn't she go down and actually help the homeless and volunteer like say Larry Rice??

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    What does her money have to do with this case?
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