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    FL - girl, 13, tells police dad beat her with belt when she altered report card


    According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, deputies were called at 9:24 p.m. Tuesday to Burgess Drive in Lake Worth. There, they met the girl who had several red and blue welts on her legs the size of golf balls and marks on both her upper arms.

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    My dad would have beat me with a belt, too, if I had altered my report card grades. But that was a different time and also he wouldn't have hit me so hard as to leave golf-ball sized welts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by STEADFAST View Post
    My dad would have beat me with a belt, too, if I had altered my report card grades. But that was a different time and also he wouldn't have hit me so hard as to leave golf-ball sized welts.
    Steadfast, I was thinking the same thing. Corporal punishment back in the day. We got the belt, and no way would I have even thought about altering grades. However, by that age we would have been punished by being grounded or something.

    Now having your dad arrested for punishing you for changing your grades? Man, I wouldn't even want to dream of what my parents would have done.

    Somehow I doubt this dad would be open to family therapy. Where do they go from here save for stop beating kids with belts?

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    Embarrassed to admit that I actually DID try and change an F to an A in middle school. LOL
    It was in Home Economics and my stupid teacher that I hated gave me an F on my sewing project because she saw my friend trying to help me fix one of the seams. She was just a biotch imo. We did not cheat but she instantly failed both of us.

    Anyway my brilliant plan failed because a black pen is no substitute for a printer, that I learned. Anyway I cried and groveled and begged for forgiveness and did not receive any corporal punishment. Basic grounding and extra chores.

    Good news is that my mom went and complained about the biotchy unfair home ec teacher and I got to transfer to music class instead.
    “Every day that they don’t find something is good for me.“ Billie Dunn

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    Bet she never alters another grade! Seriously, if this dad did go to the extremes that his daughter describes, then he went too far. My dad never whipped me or my two sisters but the fact is, he didn't have to. Times were different then, we respected our parents because we KNEW they would use the belt if it was warranted. That fact alone kept us in line. These days kids know all they have to do is report their parents so they have the upper hand. That's a crying shame because there is a difference in child abuse and loving your child enough to discipline them when it's necessary. Sadly, we weren't told whether or not this was an isolated incident. This dad had probably had all he could take and lost his cool (I hope so, anyway).
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    For those who don't believe, no proof is possible." Stuart Chase

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