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    WV - Shawn Thomas Lester, Sissonville Sniper Killer Case, 2011

    March 31, 2011
    Police make arrest in 2003 sniper shooting:

    CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Nearly eight years after three Kanawha County residents were killed in sniper-style shootings, police have arrested a Charleston man in connection with one of the shootings.

    Shawn Thomas Lester, 35, of Charleston, was charged with first- and second-degree murder in the death of Jeanie Patton, 31, according to court records.

    A criminal complaint by Charleston Police Detective J.A. Hackney alleges that a long-time friend of Lester told police that Lester admitted that he killed Patton in August 2003 in retaliation for the theft of a big-block Chevrolet motor from a garage on Rutledge Road in Charleston........


    The criminal complaint:


    Story of the Sniper Shootings

    [ame="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2003_West_Virginia_sniper"]2003 West Virginia sniper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]

    They have been digging for about a week, my niece lives near there and says the amount of equipment in there working is amazing.


    Sources WCHS in Charleston, WV, an excavator was used to move a house made from two trailers to search underneath for the pickup truck thought to have been involved in the killings of Gary Carrier, Jeannie Patton and Okey Meadows in August 2003.

    Searching for bodies now:

    B R E A K I N G N E W S !
    Searching For Bodies At The Sissonville Dig

    Police continue to use a backhoe to unearth clues in Sissonville, West Virginia and Eyewitness News is digging for answers.
    That Sissonville dig began even before there was an arrest in the sniper murder. Now we have uncovered new details on what they're looking for, Eyewitness News Anchor Patrick McMurtry has some breaking news as the sniper investigation takes a new twist.
    Tonight, we have confirmed that police are digging for bodies on the 50 acre site.
    Two people close to the sniper investigation, and one person named in the Charleston criminal complaint against Shawn Lester, were questioned by police about missing people from West Virginia.
    We're told they were even shown pictures from the West Virginia State Police web site.
    If you look at the people missing on that web site, you will see that nearly every woman reported missing over the last ten years fits the same profile: around five foot tall to five foot four inches tall, weighing roughly 100 to 120 pounds.
    One Eyewitness News reporters also witnessed the medical examiner's van on the property, but we were not able to officially confirm that any bodies have been removed from the property.


    List of missing adults in WV:

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