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    Fl - Cleaning Landlord Finds Girl, 1, Alone


    According to the arrest report, the landlord and another person went to the house Monday to get a lease signed. They found no one home and what looked like an abandoned property. When there was no answer at the door, they let themselves in and began cleaning out the apartment.

    After about two hours of cleaning, the landlord pulled a blanket off a bed and found the young girl lying on the bed against the wall.

    The girl is now back in the care of her mother. Anderson has two other children, but they were not living with her.

    OMG! How horrible and sad! I can imagine this little girl all alone and scared, wondering where her mother was. Why would the mother leave her baby with this irresponsible man?

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    I am 100% Pro LE but what is with this report?

    "When I first saw the child, I observed her sitting ... near the headboard and she was very calm," Officer T.M. Reed wrote in his report. "I observed no signs of injuries on her and she was not unkempt."

    Information about the girl was redacted from the police report. She was immediately taken for a medical check. A doctor said the girl had a lump behind her right ear, a bruise on her neck, scratches on her back, right thigh and knee and an oval scab on one foot. She was also dehydrated.
    The creep watching her was gone for at least 5 hours!! (2 that the LL was there cleaning and 3 more after finding the baby) did I read that right? Then she was returned to her mother???

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    I completely agree Lcoast mom!
    These mother's need to be held accountable for what happens to their children!!!!!
    If she had kept her butt out of jail, she wouldn't have had the need to leave her daughter with the person who abandoned her!!

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    I guess we know why her other 2 children don't live with her
    Sincere forgiveness isnít colored with expectation that the other person apologize or change. Donít worry whether or not they finally understand you. Love them and release them.
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