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    OR - Alonzo Odom for sex abuse, impregnating 13yo girl, Beaverton, 2010

    I don't see an earlier thread on this, um...man. My prayers are with this teen. She's fortunate to be alive.


    Beaverton [OR] man, 38, gets 20 years in prison in sexual assault involving a teen girl

    "...Washington County Deputy District Attorney Paul Maloney said some of [Alonzo] Odom's charges stemmed from incidents that occurred in 2008, when the victim was 13. The abuse was ongoing from that time, Maloney said. The victim, he said, in 2008 became pregnant.

    Odom was charged with attempted second-degree assault because when he learned he had impregnated the victim, he tried to terminate her pregnancy by putting a coat hanger inside her, Maloney said. The victim, Maloney said, did not have a child...."

    more at link (timeline of case)

    Note: Scary mug shot. This is one of those which gives you a little window into what the victim saw.

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    What a sick man, to even think of using a coat hanger on this child makes me sick!

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