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    Man secretly sells wife's kidney

    A Pakistani man has been accused of selling one of his wife's kidneys without her knowledge.

    Muhammad Ashfaq, from Lahore, is then reported to have divorced Zohra Bibi.

    The Daily Times says Ashfaq convinced his wife to undergo surgery so they could have children. However Ashfaq reportedly ordered that one of her kidneys be removed.

    He sold it for the equivalent of 1,900.

    According to the Daily Times Ashfaq divorced his wife after years of marriage.

    Local police are expected to press charges against him.


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    hi cass! this is the kinda guy who needs his 'you know what' bitten off by a pit bull.

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    A while back a man reportedly tried to sell one of his kidneys in Florida. There was apparently a law forbiding him from doing so, foiling his attempt at a $50,000 payday.
    This is my opinion, and change is good.

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    In India a lot of poor people are selling their kidneys for a few hundred. It is really sad. Wealthy people from foreign countries are throwing pennies are poor people for their body parts....uggggggggggg What a wonderful world this is

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