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    OH-WI Edward Edwards - Serial killer sentenced to death dies in prison 04/08/2011

    COLUMBUS, Ohio – An elderly Kentucky con man who pleaded guilty to five slayings in Wisconsin and Ohio — and was on death row for his most recent crime — has died in prison of natural causes, an Ohio prisons spokesman said Friday.


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    Elderly Conman Confesses He Killed 4 During Career as Motivational Speaker

    The ailing 76-year-old self-described grifter, who is suffering from diabetes, admitted Wednesday that he killed a young couple in 1980. He also agreed to plead guilty on Friday to the murders of an Ohio couple in 1977...

    Edwards, originally from Louisville, Ky., was arrested last July after DNA tests connected him to the murders of the Wisconsin couple. Tim Hack and his giflfriend Kelly Drew, both 19, disappeared after attending a friends wedding reception in August 1980.


    WAVE 3 also learned that Edward Wayne Edwards wrote a book back in 1972, before the Hack and Drew murders, called "The Metamorphosis of a Criminal: The True Life Story of Ed Edwards." It details his time as a criminal and his time spend in 14 jails over years.


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