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    Kids Banned from Tanning Salons

    California's perpetually buff Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a bill barring children under 14 from going to tanning salons in his sunshine-filled state.

    California lawmakers backed the legislation in May citing concerns by dermatologists who blame the artificial light in tanning booths for contributing to a rise in skin cancer.

    Violators could be liable for a fine of up to $2,500. Teenagers between the age of 14 and 18 need a note from their parents to go to a tanning salon.

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    A step in the right direction. I can't believe parents let their kids tan in the first place. But then again, some of these are the same parents that allow their kids to get pierced and have elective cosmetic surgery.
    "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." - Mark Twain


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    The last time my son (age 7) and I were at the hair salon he asked me what the sign on one of the door meant so I read to him.

    1 Tan - $8.00
    2 Tans - 15.00
    3 Tans - 20.00

    He said, "It should say...

    1 Tan - cancer
    2 Tans - 6 months to live
    3 Tans - 3 months to live

    Out of the mouths of babes!

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