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    MI - Toddler Served Alcohol at Michigan Applebee's



    A 15-month-old boy was rushed to the hospital after consuming alcohol accidentally served to him in a child's cup at a Michigan Applebee's.

    Doctors told Dill-Reese her son could have died if he drank the entire cup, ClickonDetroit.com reported. The toddler was checked out of the hospital after doctors determined he was OK.

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    what I don't understand is who poured the "juice" that didn't notice the smell of the alcohol? a margarita isn't even the same color as apple juice. this is just disgusting. I'm so glad the parents noticed and called for help.
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    Applebee's Changes Policy After Toddler Accidentally Served Alcohol

    I cannot even imagine!!!!!!!!!!

    The Applebee’s restaurant chain is changing the way it serves juice after a 15-month-old boy was accidentally served alcohol at a Michigan location.

    The restaurants now will use single-serve containers to pour juice for children, the Detroit Free Press reported Tuesday.
    Ummmm... Not sure why it took something like this for them to use separate containers for children...

    Just saying.
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    I think there is already a thread on this one cause I am almost sure I posted in it the day before yesterday

    ETA here it is, I think it is the same case

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