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    TX - Alleged Child Molester Has Bond Revoked

    The terms of Eric Allison's pre-trial conditions clearly said he couldn't be within 1,000 feet of a church, school, playground, mall, or any public place where kids are.

    But of course, he couldn't resist!

    On March 22nd, he was spotted at a liitle league field. And on March 24th, sheriff's deputies saw 2 young girls at Allison's home on the 4100 block of Herndon.

    District Attorneys office believes the 2 girls are in fact the granddaughters of Allison's girlfriend.

    I hope this grandmother was not aware of this man's past, because if she was she should be charged with endangering her grandbabies!!!

    Investigators say Allison had child pornography on his computer and a collection of dirty diapers. He's accused of collecting them from dumpsters outside Chuck-E-Cheese's and other family restaurants, then wearing for his own personal enjoyment. Thank god I didn't eat lunch yet!

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    OMG that is nasty!!!

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