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Didn't someone say the phone battery was dead? Or was that someone else's phone? In any case, taking the battery out will keep it from being tracked.

But I still don't know how LE could be sure who is texting and posting; these days, the kids use their own lingo, probably would not vary that much between what P would write and what someone acting as P might write, especially when texting. Unless P may a specific reference to the hairdresser, or someone that MJ, etc. would not have known about.
I am not sure how to explain it Cluciano63, but there are ways that LE can tell who's texting and who's not. Its in the language and the style, etc.
Caps, abrev., spelling, words used, the tone of the text or post.
You can tell when someone is being told what to text or if it is them?
They have experts that know how to do this.

They know what time PB phone went dead, they can compare that to what was going on with MJ and his crews phone? If they all went dead around the same time within the same 30-40 mins, thats a red flag right there?

This new technology is there for reasons, and most of it is for Big Brother's use. Please believe that.