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    KY - Christopher Allen, 2, beaten to death, Louisville, 27 Aug 2008

    I am not even sure how to unravel this...
    The twin sisters each had a child by the same man both boys were 2 years of age the boys were half siblings as well as cousins. The twin mothers have the children removed from their care because of neglect, and the boys are placed with a sister of the twins. who then a couple days later beats 1 boy so badly he DIES!
    This is ONE screwed up family!!!!!!

    NONE of these people need to have anymore children


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    Horrible. That is just terrible! Again, I say that we really need mandatory sterilization - forget their "human rights" - those babies should have had rights. ARGGHHH!

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    I just can't understand taking these children from women and giving them to family members. i mean I know that one bad apple doesn't mean the whole family is but more often than not, we mimic what we know. Such a sad situation.
    Find Brian Shaffer!!

    Janet Christiansen, Kaiden, and Family, justice WILL prevail!


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    Wow, this family needs alot of help!!

    RIP Christopher....may you play with all our little angels.

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    From March 2011:


    On Wednesday, Judge Judith McDonald-Burkman sentenced Nereida Allen to 47 years. Allen's then live-in boyfriend, Joshua Peacher, received a 70-year sentence.

    The couple was convicted of killing Allen's 2-year-old nephew, Christopher James Allen, in 2008. In February, jurors found the two guilty of murder, assault, and criminal abuse.

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