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    mahmoo THANK YOU

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    If Shannan drowned in the gated community area how would the real SK even know that, unless he's was either creeping around the area or has a deeper connection to the community? Also, why would the SK bother calling SG's mother, posing as another member of the gated community, if Shannan drowned? If SG was swept out, why would a SK who has used the area as his dumping ground, have a living Shannan leave the community the following day with her driver (phone call)?

    I do not believe that Shannan drowned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roosevelt View Post
    I wish they would post more information about these women's lives...camps, HS, jobs, connections, best friends, and more... Maybe someone out there can put 2 and 2 together.
    That is why these Girls are prime targets. they have lost their way, when your lost in life even the simplest things are gone.

    Humility is a good thing.

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    I think a lot of the reason things don't make sense is because LE is holding so much back or asking witnesses, etc. to hold stuff back.

    When SG called LE as far as they knew there were no bodies nearby and she was just a freaked out "crazy" prostitute causing a disturbance in an affluent gated community. If you read through the comments at the police insider forum, it says the call went down as a "disturbance," nothing more.

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    Teens Kids pictures? I don't even like typing the words? wtf happened?

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    Those of you following the thread, please alert on those posts that violate. This will help fran. You probably all have a pretty good idea as to what is generally ok on this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RIGHTEOUS1 View Post
    It's been alleged he's the same driver that was arrested with SG a few Years prior.
    Hi, Righteous1, I've heard that too, but to me, it seems unlikely. At the time of the 2009 arrest (her second apparently; see below], both Shannan and the driver were working for the now-defunct escort service. As far as I know, no one has established a relationship between the two, either before or since. If they have, it would be good to hear about it. By the way, to me, from his name, it seems highly unlikely that this driver is Asian.

    [ame="http://utopiaguide.com/forums/showthread.php?t=30969"]7 Arrested in Upper Saddle River - UtopiaGuide[/ame]
    Arrested in Upper Saddle River
    Undercover cops bust 7 in prostitution sting

    Friday, July 6, 2007

    UPPER SADDLE RIVER -- Seven people were arrested during an undercover prostitution sting connected to three escort services, police said Thursday.

    Shannan Gilbert, 21, of Upper Saddle River, Arlene Aguilar, 33, of Brooklyn, Elizabeth Gonzalez, 31, of Union City and Gladys Montalvo, 38, of Hoboken were arrested and charged with engaging in prostitution, said Upper Saddle River Police Chief Michael Fanning.

    Ms. Gilbert was arrested on prostitution charges in an undercover sting operation conducted by the Hoboken Police in June 2009 while working for a now-defunct escort service called Lace Party Girls. One of her aliases was "Sabrina," according to police reports

    man and woman were arrested last week in Hoboken in connection with an alleged prostitution “call girl” service, according to Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio.

    The Prosecutor’s Office worked in conjunction with the Hoboken Police Department on the “undercover investigation,” DeFazio said, which included surveillance techniques.

    DeFazio said he couldn’t release all of the details, but said the arrest was made in Hoboken when a transaction was allegedly going to happen. He said the alleged prostitution service was a driver-and-girl operation, rather than a street-walking type.

    According to Hoboken arrest records, Shannon Gilbert, 22, Jersey City, and Elpidio Evangelista, 42, Jersey City, were arrested at 300 Sinatra Drive on Tuesday, June 23 and charged with promoting prostitution, conspiracy, and manufacturing, distributing, or dispensing a controlled dangerous substance.

    Gilbert’s employer was listed in the arrest log as Lace Party Girls and her alias as “Sabrina.” Both were released on a summons

    Read more: Hudson Reporter - Police Beat Compiled by Timothy J Carroll 6 28 09
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seaslug44 View Post
    NEVER Happens. Never as in NEVER. It's not the ocean. It's a few miles from the inlet in the bay on a very calm stretch of water. No hairy currents. No "riptides". Some sand. Some rocks. But not a place where anyone would care to swim (except a diver or little kids). Yes there is a deeper channel near by but on the shore... well falling in that water is like falling in a deep puddle; the body would still be where it landed (not swept out to sea).

    Around these parts, when we do lose boaters or people in the surf, their bodies always seem to turn up along one of the beaches a few days to a few weeks later. Too many millions of eyes on the water around here for a body in the water (or on the beach) to be missed.

    No, she is not in the water (unless someone took her out on a boat and did the old "cement shoes" routine). Speaking of this, I disagree that JB is the SK because someone like him DOES have easy access to the water via a boat or two. If he wanted to discard bodies, he EASILY could do it out in the ocean. Anyone here familiar with the HBO series DEXTER? If you are then imagine the ability to dispose of bodies in the same fashion as the lead character Dexter does in those shows. A guy like JB has thousands of miles of ocean at his fingertips to dispose of bodies if he wanted to. It makes no sense that he would risk one of his neighbors spotting his vehicle on the side of Ocean Parkway while he dumped a body. That just makes no sense at all.

    I also thought about it and we can pretty much rule out anyone with their own boat. Even if the person doesn't have a boat that can handle the inlet/ocean waters, there are literally hundreds of tiny islands in the bay (most of them deserted) with thick foliage to hide bodies. Those of us with larger boats... well have you ever seen the giant Igloo coolers we have on our boats to carry bait/chum as well as the fish that we catch? And then there are the huge insulated fish boxes that many of our boats have under our decks. I'm speaking about compartments large enough to hold several hundred pounds of tuna. And for our really, really big catches, many of us have insulated "Tuna Bags" which are literally body bags manufactured for preserving giant tuna by keeping them chilled for hours. Offshore big game fishing is very popular out of Fire Island Inlet. The area is loaded with Shark/Tuna fishermen. I'm pretty sure that you'd discover that JB participates in the sport. He could easily dispose of bodies fifty to ninety miles out in the ocean. His own backyard would never be a logical choice.
    Isn't this boat theory dependent on the SK killing these women from his home? Or at his workplace if he happens to be a fisherman? I mean, you gotta be NEAR the boat, right? Wouldn't make much sense to kill someone away from home, drive them to your house in your car, unload them, load them onto a boat, and then dispose of them in the ocean.

    From everything I've gathered from sources who would know, it's VERY rare for a provider to agree to meet a client in his home. They sometimes work out of their own homes, but the norm is to find a hotel that caters to hourly clients. In fact, there is an entire list of no stay hotels listed on UG. It's mutually neutral ground, and therefore prefered.

    And then, there are car dates. Not the upper tier of providers, but they are usually inexpensive.

    So my point is...I highly doubt our SK manages to find boatloads of providers will to work on his turf. So it's highly probably that the body was IN his car already as he travelled home. The easiest way to get rid of it is a quick dump in remote brush.


    ETA: Although, it's always possible he drugs them and takes them back to his house alive. Or he could be such a well known regular that the girls trust him. But if that's the case, did they all trust him so much they went to his home without a driver? I doubt it.
    People seldom do what they believe in. They do what is convenient, then repent. ~ Bob Dylan

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    Hi Resolution Images of Oak Beach

    This is a test. Hope the file isn't too large to upload to this site and I hope the resolution isn't lost. If this works, you should see an attachment that is an aerial photo of JB's section of Oak Beach. If so, I will upload more images in posts to follow.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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