A library book has been returned to Inverness library - 100 years overdue and carrying a 5,000 fine.

Inverness Sketches 1901 to 1904, by Isabel Harriet Anderson, was returned to the library after being discovered in South Africa.

Staff at the library are waiving the fine.

Inverness native Stuart Thomson had bought the book at a South African flea market and found it again three months ago as he prepared for a house move.

The 63-year-old said: "I was just looking at old books, which I collect. When I was moving house three months ago I came across it and thought I should bring the book back home."

Inverness Sketches was originally presented to Inverness Library by its author in 1908, says BBC News Online.

Library staff said it would be returned to its rightful place in the reference department, and it should not have been loaned out in the first place.