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    OK - ....littering, with a uniquely pornographic twist

    Police Scramble To Pick Up Lewd Images Before School Commute (KOCO)

    OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma City police spent the morning Thursday picking up behind a pornographic litterbug.
    They said there was a report of more than 1,000 pictures strewn about the neighborhood.
    (more, unfortunately not including video [yet] of LE hastening to pick up all the porn before kids started walking to school, at link)

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    Hey, I've seen porno litter before but not to that extent.
    Old copies of some UK tabloids could be classed as porno litter lol

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    They also found empty tuna cans, cat toy wrappers, torn up pieces of yarn, rubber mice and a few dead birds. LE thinks it was just cat litter. Link

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