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    Woman forced into prostitution as a teen talks about life on the street

    "Marie" speaks out about modern day slavery!


    Teenagers are frequently a target in the sex slavery trade. "We have rescued 43 children from the ages of 13 to 17 in Tampa Bay since 2009," said FBI Agent Dave Couvertier. "They were being utilized for the purpose of prostitution. In essence they were slaves. Modern day slaves," said Couvertier.

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    Our local police dept. recently hosted a speech by Natasha Herzig, who is a survivor of trafficking. I was so pleased that DHS, foster families, the schools, and the general public were all notified. One interesting component of Ms. Herzig's story is that she was an adult, age 19, when she was trafficked. She spoke about the dangers for children, teens, the disabled, males and females.

    This is a crime that effects every one of us.

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